Riverside Right Fit School Within a School

Exploration, Expression, Exposition through Experience

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Erin Rahman
Riverside Principal
Email | (507) 328-3700

What is Riverside Right Fit?

Riverside Right Fit School Within A School is a learning experience for students needing a nontraditional approach to gaining knowledge. Right Fit School programming is driven by student voice and focuses primarily on individual interests. We know learning occurs in multiple environments - at home, at the park, in school, and in the community. Our goal is to bridge a child’s passion to learn in all areas of life. Students guide their exploration through personal interests such as, but not limited to, engineering, drama, culinary arts, outdoor education, athletics, management, entrepreneurship, and more.

Who attends?

There are two multiage classrooms: one primary (grades 1-2 equivalent) and intermediate (grades 3-5 equivalent). Class sizes are limited to 14 per classroom. Staff work collaboratively with students to explore and create.  The school day includes restorative circles and community partners.

What is the referral process?

The process for families and school staff begins with a completed referral form and includes student observations. Access the form below or contact your  neighborhood school office to complete referral.

Riverside Right Fit School Referral Form

Will everyone be accepted?

No, there will be an admission process to make sure our students have the “Right Fit.” Our students must have a desire to engage in their environment and learn through meaningful and creative exploration and expression.